Chapter 1
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Volume 1
Chapter 1
Release date September 1991
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"If I say it was love at first sight...I would be exaggerating..."
Midori speaking of her crush on Akira

Chapter 1 is the first chapter Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa. It was serialized in Ribon in September 1991. A portion of this chapter was adapted into the OVA.

This first chapter sets up the story for the future, and establishes many plot details that continue throughout the other chapters.



Midori Saejima enters Hijiri Academy for her freshman year of high school. At first, she merely looks at Akira Sudou from afar, but before she realized she had already began to fall for him. Midori returns to school after summer break and being sick for three days. She greets her friends and hurries to turn in her art homework, but her homeroom friends, Tonko and Kayo seem to be holding a secret from her.


Midori's return

At the art room, Midori stops to chat to Hiroko Maki, the art teacher, who Midori admires.

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