Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai is a manga by Ai Yazawa that was serialized in the girl's magazine, Ribon from September 1991 to November 1994. There are a total of eight volumes and thirty-nine chapters.

In 2000, Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai was republished in four volumes by Shueisha with new covers designed by Ai Yazawa. Again in 2008, Ten-nai was reprinted in "Bunko" edtion and consists of six volumes. Each cover depicts a real-life scene with a Sudou Saurus somewhere on the cover.


Cover Volume # Japanese release date ISBN
Tenshi-volume-1 1 May 15, 1992[1] 9784088536101
Ten-nai-2 2 September 14, 1992[2] 9784088536286
Ten-nai-3 3 March 15, 1993[3] 9784088536552
Ten-nai-4 4 August 9, 1993[4] 9784088536804
Ten-nai-5 5 January 14, 1994[5] 9784088537092
Ten-nai-6 6 June 15, 1994[6] 9784088537382
Ten-nai-7 7 October 14, 1994[7] 9784088537580
Ten-nai-8 8 March 15, 1995[8] 9784088537856

New editionsEdit




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