Student Council
General information
Founded 1992
Supervisor Adachi
President Akira Sudou (1992-1993)
Shino Harada (1993-?)
Vice President Midori Saejima (1992-1993)
Shinichirou Enomoto (1993-?)
Treasurer Shuuichi Takigawa (1992-1993)
Masao Suzuki (1993-?)
Secretaries Yuko Mamiya (1992-1993)
Bunta Kouno (1992-1993)
Mako Taniguchi (1993-?)
Minoru Jinnai (1993-?)
Location Hijiri Academy
Hijiri Academy's Student Council was established in late August of the school's first year. Anyone is available to run as of the second student council elections. Five members are typically chosen with the number votes deciding their position.[1] The positions, include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and two Secretaries. The student council is in charge of all of Hijiri's events, such as festivals and opening ceremonies. They also have various other duties.

Nominees for the first student council were chosen by that individual's class. Whoever was chosen had to give a speech and run no matter what. Five members were voted in by the students, Akira Sudou (President), Midori Saejima (Vice President), Shuuichi Takigawa (Treasurer), Yuko Mamiya (Secretary) and Bunta Kouno (Secretary).

The second student council came as a surprise to the first, since they were still only in their second year. However, the arranged an agreement with Adachi that they can freely participate in any student council activities. Voting began and the members were elected, Shino Harada (President), Shinichirou Enomoto (Vice President), Masao Suzuki (Treasurer), Mako Taniguchi (Secretary), and Minoru Jinnai (Secretary).





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